Friday, February 22, 2013

System update 22/2/2013

A little update because I would like to record this interesting observation I saw on some of the changes I did to the system.

In previous entry I mentioned that I removed the bell siphon and run the flood and ebb strictly on time. The system is flooded for 30 minutes and let to bleed out to dry for another 30mins. I started noticing that the yellowing on the leaves associated with iron deficiency has immediately disappeared.

There's probably 2 causes of this. First being the longer flood time without the water being siphoned out means the roots are able to absorb more nutrients or the second cause is the longer pump running sends more water to the swirl filter this removes more waste and allows the coral bits to break down and buffer the PH better.

I am starting to see some little branches coming out of the Habanero plants and the mints are growing very well too. I sow some seeds and added more Tilapia fingerlings. Can't help it! Hope it won't burden the system too much!

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