Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Improvement on the bell siphon outlet

Here is the improved plumbing design for the outlet based on recommendation by Mahfudz to help with flush rate and flawless and reliable cutoff. It has been running smoothly for 3 days now.

How it started

This was the crazy idea in drawing that got me interested in aquaponics. We had to be away from home and I was thinking of a way to have a closed loop sstem to water my plants.

Welcome to Projek Buku Hijau

I’m starting this blog to document and share my adventure and misadvanture in Aquaponics. I have never really had a pet fish or have ever successfully grown any vegetables so this should be quite a fun journey! Follow, reblog and comments if you can because I am also new to tumblr so not sure if you can comment.

Full flush!

The outlet from the Siphon during a full flush. I have since changed the plumbing layout a little bit based oh tips by bro mahfudz.


Water level adjusted and we have successful start and cutoff!!

New parts for the system.

Replaced the clear PET bottle with PVC dome. Seen here with an aerator tube that I was testing (and failed)

Clear Bottle Bell Siphon testing

Bell Siphon testing using clear PET bottle to see how it works and allow me to tweak the flow and water levels.

My Current Setup

Here is the current setup that I am working on.
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