Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growbed filled

I finally have the time and budget (and confidence) to fill the growbed. Got my LECA pebbles from Mexca and my RD-150 Baba Pots on thursday and set them up in my growbed first thing this morning.

I already have a pot of Vietnamese Mint / Daun Kesum and another pot of Pegaga Kampung growing in the growbed as well as 3 unknown seedlings from previous failed germinations.

Happy to report that the water is much clearer after adding the black shading and what's left of my fish stock is swimming happily.

Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some modification to my setup

I stole some time today to clean my Aquaponics setup and did some modifications.

I have been struggling with algae problem for quite a while, clogging up my filter and have costed me many many almost grown Tilapias. I finally had the time today to add some sun shield to the fish tank cover to minimize sunlight and hopefully algae too.

I have also replaced my big filter with a small aquarium filter placed strategically to the front for easy disassembly and cleaning. If this works, I have some space for a second growbed.

I found a place that sells the clay pallets in bulk but the price is still a little steep for a big sack that looks like a 20 kg sack. That is going to be coming from next month's budget :)

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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